Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms are available around the school where learning is made fascinating with the adoption of new high-end digital technology. They are technologically enhanced to enable teaching and learning opportunities like never before. Likewise, they can provide learning and teaching opportunities to increase learning outcomes much better than ever.


State-of-the-art computer labs provide access to advanced interactive technology throughout our schools at all stages. Students are acquainted with Information and Communications Technology. The latest software available for our students for teaching a large verity of courses like 3D and Graphic designing, networking, programing and multimedia all that aligned with the requirements of American curriculum .


The robotics features state of the art robotics and Stem system, installed with the latest software for designing, building and programming robots and science modules. The innovation lap related robotics course and doing related research, providing for a dedicated space for faculty and students to integrate, And to improve robotics education and integrate robotics and Stem into education and to get creativity from our lap out to society.


A room in a school set aside for instruction in the visual arts. All Foundation to grade 6 students participate in Visual Arts sessions with the Art teacher .Students develop an understanding and awareness of art elements and principles as they progress through their UPS . Throughout the year, students develop their experiences, skills, techniques and processes in the following areas: drawing, painting, printing, threads & textiles, construction, clay, collage and mixed media


Four science labs are available where students develop interest in scientific research.  Equipment allow students to interact directly with the data gathered. When students carry out different experiments, their reasoning skills are improved and they start thinking deeply on those theories and concepts. Physics and Biology labs are available for boys and girls from grade 6-12). Chemistry lab is available for boys and girls from grade 7-12. Science lab is available for Grade 1-5 girls and boys.


There are four school sheltered playgrounds where students use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another. Playgrounds provide a safe outdoors environment within the school where students are given breaks among the lessons. Playgrounds play a significant role in improving children’s health and wellbeing. They can also stimulate physical activity and encourage the development of important physical competencies.


There is a cafeteria available for students during break time and as required. The purpose is to promote Healthy eating habits and give the students the opportunity to socialize while eating their lunch.


There is a music room available for regular music lessons. It is also used for rehearsal and in preparation for concerts and national and other events and activities.


Two prayer rooms are available for students one in each section. They are used for praying, for teaching how to recite the holy Quran, Islamic lessons and for other religious occasions


A swimming pool is available. It is used for swimming lessons, after-school activities, and swimming competitions. Swimming is fun exercise which can really cool the human body instead of heat it, and works almost every muscle of the body.


UPS library is of great support to the school curriculum. As one of the information centers, it provides another important haven for students to expand their knowledge and information. It offers a quiet area for students not only to read but also to think, create, share, and have fun via educational activities.



Seminar room is available for academic, educational and other purposes. It is used for organizing debating, competitions, events, activities and meetings with students and teachers.  The seminar room is also used for teachers and staff training and information delivery.