Vision Inspiring our students to love learning and helping them achieve their potentials and build their social, emotional and physical wellbeing.   Mission We strive to provide engaging learning experience that develops intellectual skills and creativity while blended with cultural and moral values so students become active contributing citizens in the future social and economic development of the world.   Location The United Private School was founded in 2010. It is located in North Al Yahar area of Al Ain. In the suburbs of the city and about 25 KM away from the center on the highway to the capital, Abu Dhabi, Al Yahar is mainly populated by locals and expatriates residing in Al Yahar and surrounding areas; Al Salamt, Al Sad, Al Markhaneya, Al Maqam and further in the central areas of Al Ain city.  Since foundation, the school aims at bridging the neighborhood with the global most recent inventions while preserving the cultural values of the local UAE society.   Building and facilities The school consists of 5 sections in a two stories building and an affiliated separate campus for kindergarten. Kindergarten Section is section 1 and contains (KG 1 and KG 2). The ground floor in the main building contains sections 2 & 3. Section 2 is primary juniors’ grades 1 & 2 and section 3 is primary senior grades 3 & 4. On the other hand, the first floor contains sections 4 & 5. Section 4 is for boys’ middle and high school while section 5 is for girls’ middle and high school grades 5 – 12. As mandated by local Education Authority, ADEC, all sections are considered physically separated between boys, girls, grades, and KG.   The school is highly equipped with resources and technology. There are four science labs two in the boys section and two in the girls section, two Gyms and two playgrounds, two libraries, two computer labs, one for each gender. There is a swimming pool that serves the whole school. Moreover, in our endeavor to approach our vision, we recently opened our Robotics and Stem club and heritage corner.