The school organized two trips to Traditional Handicrafts Festival that is held at Souq Al Qattara, Al Ain . The festival highlights the importance of handicraft products in the UAE’s heritage. One trip was for primary cycle and the other was for middle school on November 5th and 7th 2018. The festival took students on a journey to the past as it provided the opportunity for them to get a glimpse of the heritage of the ancestors and learn how they were able to adapt to the available resources and utilize them efficiently and to cater for their needs.


Students also visited Popular Markets that reflect a unique aspect of the Emirati society where they come across marvelous world of simplicity and beauty, tales of the past that are mixed with scents incense .Students also watched wide variety of traditional handicrafts and industries, particularly those related to palm tree fronds, spinning and weaving (especially the Sadou), pottery, and jewelry making, and leather industries. Local handicraft products reflect the local tastes which attract visitors and make them acquainted with the heritage and culture of the United Arab Emirates and the Arab gulf region.



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