UPS Academic year opened with CPD sessions on collaborative learning.

As part of UPS CPD program and in preparation for the new academic year, 10 sessions of professional development have been held for teachers at UPS during the period from August 26th to Sep 6th, 2018. Daily from 9:30AM until 1:00PM, in a total of 30 training hours, teachers enjoyed working collaboratively and cooperatively in workshops that stimulates real classroom practice. Training included sessions on PBL, Jigsaw, TPS, CT, Problem Solving, Flipped Classrooms, Communication Skills and Technology in teaching and many more. Led by Mr Amjad Saadah, the school principal, all teachers actively took part in applying different strategies of teaching that help keep all students well engaged and actively involved in the learning process. At the end of the training, as indicated in the feedback analysis, almost all teachers demonstrated high level of understanding of all 21st century skills and best ways to develop them in our lovely students.

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